Put one of the world's most recognized brands to work for you. Start your own business representing TABASCO® Specialty Merchandise.

Take advantage of the selling power of Tabasco, a 145 year old megabrand. This outstanding home-based business is easy to operate and very profitable. Set your own hours and build your business at your own pace. YOU choose the number of retailers you wish to service. The iconic Tabasco name opens many doors; new retailers can't wait to offer these great selling Tabasco products to their customers-and they can only get them from you. Hit the floor running and make money right away with 5 starting accounts we provide to get you started. We'll also provide all the training you need to make your business successful-and we'll be there to support you as you go.

Why ProMark TABASCO Dealers are Successful:

  1. Powerful TABASCO® brand name. (See 60 MINUTES video clip for story of Tabasco.) Retailers and customers alike love these hot selling Tabasco products. And Tabasco keeps it fresh by constantly adding new and exciting items to the line, like decadent dark chocolate wedges with just a tinge of Tabasco in clever round tins, and Aunt Sally's mouth-watering Tabasco infused pralines.
  2. Protected Territory. Only one ProMark Tabasco Dealer per territory. Retailers want these great products- and they can only get them from you.
  3. Simple Operation. Displays are designed for easy transport. They are light weight, collapsible, and easily fit in the trunk of your car. Quick set-up. Entire business can be managed from home.
  4. Flexibility. Full or part-time. Build your business at your own pace and decide how many retailers you wish to serve.
  5. Quick Start-Up. Your first 5 retail accounts are provided to get you up and running fast.
  6. Make money from day one. Excellent profit margins. (Retailers pay ProMark Dealers 46% above their costs upon delivery.)
  7. Independent ownership. NO franchise royalty fees or any other fees-ever. You own your business outright and you keep all of your profits.
  8. Low initial investment. $24,800 provides training, products, displays, and starting accounts.
  9. Financing is available. Great terms with a 3rd party provider.
  10. Support from ProMark. We’ll be there for you as you build your business. Your success is our success!
  11. Fun. ProMark Dealers smile a lot. Meet great people, enjoy what you do, and dance all the way to the bank.

While this is not a "get rich quick" business, established market share and strong brand recognition make this program a winner. Motivated individuals willing to put forth the necessary effort can do very well.

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