Ever heard of TABASCO? Who hasn't?

Most people only dream of a product line with instant name recognition and proven customer appeal. The iconic TABASCO brand name supplies both. The impressive market share TABASCO pepper sauce commands makes it the envy of companies both in and out of the food business.

When Edmund McIlhenny, a self-made successful New Orleans banker, planted his first pepper seeds just prior to the Civil War, he couldn't have known the stir he was about to cause. Today TABASCO brand pepper sauce is sold in more than 100 countries with packages printed in 15 languages!

ProMark is pleased to have been asked by the McIlhenny Company, makers of Tabasco, to help introduce its outstanding line of TABASCO apparel, gift, and specialty food products to retailers across the country via a select group of ProMark Tabasco Dealers. Our unique marketing program, combined with TABASCO'S established market share and strong brand recognition, has made this program a winner since 1996.

We invite you to participate with us in a business that is as fun and exciting as it is financially rewarding.

After all, who hasn't heard of TABASCO?

The TABASCO® marks, bottle, and label designs are registered trademarks and service marks exclusively of
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