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1. I would like to be considered for a Dealership. What is my next step?

Complete and submit the DEALER APPLICATION. Upon receipt, we will contact you to answer any questions you may have and walk you through the few easy steps required to secure a Dealership. We look forward to meeting you and helping you develop your successful Tabasco Specialty Products Dealership!

2. How is my territory defined?

Demographics, population, growth, and the number of potential retail locations along with your input- are all used in determining area size. Our goal is to offer an area large enough to be financially successful, but not overwhelming. A legal description of your territory will be part of your ProMark Tabasco Dealership Agreement.

3. What will be covered in my orientation?

Your ORIENTATION will cover information concerning the best types of accounts for the TABASCO® product line, how to secure locations, bookkeeping, guaranteed sales, retail sales, merchandising, pricing, inventory control, and many other subjects related to your business.

4. Do I need to have experience working with retailers?

No. The business is designed to be simple to operate. ProMark provides all the training you need to operate this business successfully at our fun and informative two day Orientation and Training session in Nashville, Tennessee.

5. How will I know which products to order?

ProMark will select your initial order of products (for your first five locations). Products will be selected from the current top 50 selling TABASCO® items. Our staff will assist you with future orders and inventory needs at your request. The fastest selling items from your first five retail locations will be a factor in your re-orders of product. ProMark will keep you updated with new items available and the top 50 sellers, as well as higher profit items. ProMark is always available to help you through this process and support you.

6. What is my profit potential?

Your INCOME POTENTIAL will be determined by the number of accounts you service, and the amount of product your retailers sell. Your gross profit on each item is 46% above your cost.

View our PRO-FORMA information.

7. How quickly should I grow my business by taking on new accounts?

ProMark will provide you with five start-up accounts after you receive your displays and initial order of merchandise. We suggest that you service these five accounts until you feel comfortable with all aspects of your new business before adding new accounts. When you are ready, add accounts at a pace that works for you.

8. What is the Two year Expansion Program and how does it work?

For the first two years, for each new account you acquire over your five start-up accounts, ProMark will provide free inventory. In other words, each new account costs you nothing to set up! This program is designed to encourage you to expand into new retail accounts.

9. What types of retail locations are right for TABASCO® specialty products?

From exclusive gift stores to convenience stores, there are hundreds of retailers who would be happy to have our TABASCO® products in their stores. There are also several quick selling “grab it and go” items available which can be placed at the front register in counter top displays to compliment the product line. Counter top displays can also be placed in smaller stores where there isn’t room for larger displays. These items can quickly “rev up” profits!

10. Can I do this part-time?

Yes. It’s your business and you work at your own pace. Most dealers start part time with the intent of growing their business to full-time over a one to three year period.

11. Can I be competitive with my TABASCO® products in all retail locations?

Of course. We cover all pricing strategies and scenarios at Orientation. We offer retailers an incredible product line at very competitive prices.

12. What is a Guaranteed Sale and how does it work?

The Dealer sells TABASCO® merchandise and guarantees it will sell. If it doesn’t, the Dealer will take it back and replace it with something that does. Retailers will buy more of your products when offered on a guaranteed sale basis.

13. May I expand my business anywhere?

You may expand your business to as many retail locations as you choose within your assigned territory. Chain accounts headquartered in a dealer’s area with units in another dealer’s area will be owned by the dealer who secured the account, unless the chain allows local vendors to service and invoice their locations. In that case, the dealer who represents that area would service the accounts. You may also sell outside of your territory at festivals, street fairs, etc. with permission from ProMark.

14. Once I establish my business, may I sell it?

Of course. Your agreement can be transferred to another party at any time. You would set the asking price. ProMark can offer you advice, take calls from prospects (if you wish), and answer pertinent questions.

15. What exactly do I get as an ProMark Dealer?

First and foremost, you get a business with the unrivaled power of an iconic American brand recognized by every retailer you will encounter. The value of the TABASCO® brand name in building a successful and profitable business cannot be overstated. Additionally, your Dealership includes:

  • Access to wholesale licensed TABASCO® merchandise through ProMark.
  • Assigned territory to service retailers with TABASCO® products (one ProMark Dealer per territory).
  • Orientation/lodging/meals for 2 nights in Nashville, TN.
  • Operations and Orientation Manual.
  • Five start up retail accounts located in your assigned territory.
  • Five display units with complete start-up inventory.
  • Expansion Incentive Program allowing the opening of new accounts (after initial five) at no cost to you.
  • ProMark support as you need it.

16. How do I pay out my $24,800 investment?

ProMark will send you a TABASCO® Specialty Products Dealership Agreement. Upon your review and approval, you will sign and return it along with a $1,000 deposit. The deposit will secure the territory outlined in your agreement. The $23,800 balance is due on the orientation date indicated in your agreement.

17. Anything else I need to know?

ProMark is the only company authorized by the McIlhenny Company to offer this TABASCO® Dealership program. It is successful in part because of the excellent and personal service ProMark Dealers provide their retailers. Our “Guaranteed Sale” policy makes our merchandise even more appealing. (See question 12) Retailers are very interested in the TABASCO® product line and quite receptive to having our merchandise in their stores.

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