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Convenience Stores, Gift Shops, Sandwich Shops, Travel Plazas, Specialty Food and Grocery Stores, Gourmet Food shops, Wine and Cheese shops, Meat Markets, Hotel and Restaurant Gift Shops

If your site meets our criteria, our local representative will place a selection of Tabasco merchandise in your store on a guaranteed sale basis. Retailers are not required to place orders or pay shipping. Your local representative will call on your account every two weeks to restock the display. Your margin is at least 32% (usually more) – please see our Cost and Profit Examples below.


How our items are priced:

Of course, when you consider that you have no money invested, and no handling or stocking, your margins are much higher.

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RETAILERS: Please complete and submit this request form.
Upon receipt a local representative will contact you to arrange for a visit to your store.

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