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Don and Frank, As we reflect upon the last few months, it’s been FANTASTIC to say the least. We are looking forward to a fantastic new year. Our target goal is $1 million in gross sales, and 200 active accounts. These goals are achievable and we are going to make it happen. Hopefully we have not been too much of a pain to you guys, but as I explained when we first met, Business is Business & we NEVER ACCEPT FAILURE. We may be looking to expand territory this coming year, so keep us in mind for areas around us. Thanking You in Advance for Your Continued Assistance.

Don, The 2 displays held a full pallet of product and we will need a large refill after the weekend. Sales were fantastic – over $3,000.00, and we’re planning another event for Labor Day! Bragging in California…

Don, Enclosed you’ll find a check for $9,852 for my third order. I now have 10 accounts and just received approval for another placement. Thanks for all your guidance and cooperation. Respectfully,

Frank and Don, Enclosed are pictures of the weekend festival. We did just over $2,300 for Friday and Saturday. What a blast. We ran out of some of the food items. The key is the tastings. The Coast Show is this next weekend and we are looking at two more for June. Please rush the enclosed order.

Maggie, Again, I am out of stock. This is my fault, but sales are higher than estimated. Please see what you can do with this order. Enclosed is my check. Thanks.

Don, Please provide additional pricing by the pallet for the Z1.5, Z2 and Z11. Also what discount can we receive by ordering 1/2 trailer, full trailer of each size once a month.

Don, Need 10 more racks – just placed my last one in Trader Joe’s. This is a great account. Sales are fantastic. Thanks for all your help.

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